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To understand Ayort, you're going to have to sit through a short biography.

I'm a native of Charlotte, NC who stayed in town - a rarity these days. I grew up listening to one of the great radio stations in America - WBT. As a child of the late '50s my indoctrination in television came from WBT's sister station, WBTV. The men and women who were the on-air talent at these stations were as familiar to me as my parents. One of them, Jim Patterson, was especially recognizable.

"Uncle Jim" was synonymous with the two Jefferson-Pilot stations. He was a radio staff announcer. He was the first voice and face on WBTV when it signed on in the late '40s. Jim was the booth announcer, voice of editorial responses for radio and TV, morning and mid-day show host, Charlotte's Bozo the Clown franchise and sidekick to Fred Kirby, the singing cowboy. In short, Jim did everything, did it well and was universally respected and loved in and out of the building.

When I arrived at WBT as production director in October of 1981, getting to work with Jim and many of the other folks I'd grown up watching and listening to was icing on the cake. Jim would frequent my studio for any number of recording duties. We'd take care of business, then share a joke, brainstorm some project or commiserate over the ubiquitous problems of Broadcasting. He was not only a hero to me, he was a mentor and a friend; a friend lost too soon.

Now, to Ayort...

At the end of every recording session, Jim would cup his hand over his ear and in his best 1940s announcer voice would say, "Member FDIC and your old recappable tires." That's the acronym - And Your Old Recappable Tires. In this day of 14-in-a-row liner card syndicated drivel radio, AYORT is a salute to a good friend plus a tip of the fedora to all the real broadcasters from our past and to the few that still exist.

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